What Network Does Boost Infinite Use?

Boost Infinite 5G/4G LTE Networks

Boost Infinite – the wireless provider from DISH – uses several 5G and 4G LTE networks to make up its nationwide high-speed coverage. Comprised of cellular coverage from T-Mobile, AT&T and DISH itself, Boost Infinite combines them all into a network that covers city and rural areas of the U.S. and maintains great speeds and connection stability.

Combining America’s Fastest Wireless Networks

Boost Infinite is a postpaid wireless plan available through DISH Network that utilizes existing MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) to make up its nationwide network. With T-Mobile’s 5G and 4G networks covering over half of the U.S. and AT&T’s 5G and 4G networks covering around 29% and 68% of the U.S. respectively, Boost Infinite combines them all for extensive coverage from coast-to-coast.

Boost Infinite 5G/4G LTE Nationwide Coverage

Keeping You Connected No Matter Where You Are

Boost Infinite piggybacks off cellular towers from T-Mobile, AT&T and DISH, the wireless service will automatically switch you between towers and networks depending on your location, ensuring that you’re always connected at the fastest speed and strongest signal. This means that fast mobile data speeds are combined with coverage that reaches from bigger cities to smaller towns and even rural regions, making it a strong competitor for a wireless provider in the U.S.

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