Boost Infinite vs. Boost Mobile

Boost Infinite & Boost Mobile Wireless Plans

Boost Infinite and Boost Mobile are wireless phone providers that are both part of the same brand, so what’s the difference between them? While there’s a lot of overlap between them and they’re both viable options for anyone shopping for a wireless plan, there are some key differences that might make one work for you over the other.

For some background, DISH Network acquired Boost Mobile under their DISH Wireless brand as part of the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint. DISH then later launched Boost Infinite as a postpaid service that strips down many of the options offered by Boost Mobile but also has refreshing simplicity and affordability. But which works best for you?

Differences in Phone Plans

Many distinctions between Boost Mobile and Boost Infinite can be seen in their plan offerings. Boost Mobile has a variety of plans that differ in price based on monthly data allowance as well as how long you’re signing on for:

1-Month Plans

  • Unlimited (with AutoPay) – $25/month
  • Unlimited – $40/month
  • Unlimited Plus – $60/month

3-Month Plans

  • 5 GB – $45/3 months
  • Unlimited – $90/3 months

12-Month Plans

  • 1 GB – $100/year
  • 5 GB – $168/year
  • 15 GB – $240/year
  • Unlimited – $300/year

With Boost Infinite, however, there’s only one plan to choose from – a no-contract plan that offers unlimited talk, text and data for $25 per month.

Which provider will work better for you depends on what you’re looking for in a phone plan. If you’re looking for flexibility and don’t want to be locked into a contract, then Boost Infinite’s straightforward month-by-month postpaid service would be a great choice. Boost Infinite would also be the one to go with if you’d benefit from unlimited data and don’t want to take too much time sifting through plans and commitment options.

If you are okay with being more selective and simply want the cheapest plan and are willing to sign up for a one-year commitment, Boost Mobile’s 12-month plans give you the lowest cost per month.

Smartphone & SIM Cards on Boost Wireless

Available Devices & Promos

In terms of options for new smartphones as well as promotional discounts, Boost Mobile generally has more to choose from. A wider selection of devices that include iPhones new and old, as well as more opportunities to save with special deals. For example, you can get 50% off the cost of your plan’s first monthly installment. You can also save when bundling new phones together if you’re signing up more than just one line onto a Boost Mobile plan.

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