Boost Infinite 5G Network Coverage

Boost Infinite 5G Network Coverage in United States

Boost Infinite from DISH Wireless is offering nationwide coverage for its customers through their single-plan setup starting at $25 per month. For that you get unlimited talk, text and data through coverage on their 5G network.

This coverage currently uses some of the biggest existing 5G networks in the U.S. to deliver a fast and reliable connection, although eventually Boost Infinite will transition to using a first-party new greenfield network developed by DISH itself.

Launching on America’s Top 5G Networks

Before DISH launches its own 5G network, Boost Infinite is instead using AT&T’s network as a basis for its 5G service, as well as service from T-Mobile. Boost has launched as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) on AT&T and T-Mobile until DISH activates their VoNR (Voice over New Radio).

So currently, Boost Infinite utilizes 5G coverage from both T-Mobile and AT&T’s established networks to provide 5G speed and reliability to use across the United States. This is expected to change, however, once DISH Wireless launches their own 5G network that’s currently being gradually rolled out across the country.

Boost Infinite 5G Network

Transitioning to DISH’s Own Innovative 5G Network

Boost Infinite will eventually shift out of acting as a MVNO on AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks to instead utilizing DISH’s own first-party 5G network. DISH has been developing their own brand new greenfield nationwide network that has been slowly rolling out service in the U.S., starting in Las Vegas and moving onto other major cities as the network gets built out.

DISH is aiming to have their network reach approximately 70% of the U.S. population by June of 2023. Their network will be a virtual, cloud-native Open RAN-compliant 5G network that DISH has partnered with various other companies like Samsung to develop, and this network will eventually be the basis for Boost Infinite’s 5G service.

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