Buy or Bring Your Phone with Boost Infinite

Smartphone on Boost Infinite 5G

Boost Infinite is a new 5G wireless provider for U.S. users, offering unlimited talk, text and data on a 5G connection for $25 per month. Boost is offering a 5G experience at an affordable price, a variety of optional package add-ons, as well as some flexibility in what device you use with their Boost Infinite Unlimited plan.

If you’re not in the market for a new phone and are happy with what you have already, Boost allows you to bring your own device onto a new Boost plan (as long as it’s on the compatibility list). However Boost themselves offer a selection of some of the latest smartphone models to choose from, in case you’re looking for something new.

Pick a Brand-New Smartphone from Boost

Boost Infinite offers a selection of new devices that cover a range from affordable to high-end. Flagship foldables like the Samsung Galaxy Flip4, stylus phones like the Moto G Stylus 5G 2022, and lower-priced options like the Celero 5G+ are among the options Boost Infinite themselves carry for new phones.

If you’re interested in a protection plan for your new device, Boost also offers Phone Protection for an extra $7 a month. This protection, available to any phone purchased through Boost Infinite, will cover any event of loss, theft or accidental damage, as well as out-of-warranty breakdown. You’ll be able to add Phone Protection for up to 30 days after your initial phone purchase, and financing options are also available for paying for your new device.

Smartphone & SIM Cards on Boost Infinite

Bring Your Own Phone onto Your Boost Plan

If you’re not looking for a new device and are content with your current phone, you’re welcome to bring it onto a Boost Infinite plan. Most mainstream GSM phones that are unlocked will be compatible with a Boost Infinite Unlocked plan, but you can verify whether your phone will work with a Boost plan by verifying with their online compatibility list. If your phone isn’t unlocked, you may be able to contact your current carrier you purchased the phone through originally to get it unlocked.

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