Is Boost Infinite the Same as Boost Mobile?

Boost Infinite & Boost Mobile

Boost Infinite and Boost Mobile are two names that’ve gotten quite popular for those looking for promising and affordable options for their wireless phone service. But are there differences between them, and if so – what are they?

Despite the fact that both services have almost the same name, Boost Infinite and Boost Mobile are very distinct from each other and even have their own separate selection of wireless plans. Boost Mobile was the original wireless service that was bought by DISH Network and incorporated into their DISH Wireless brand, and Boost Infinite was then later launched by DISH as a separate service.

Boost Infinite – One Simple Plan

Launched after DISH Network’s purchase of Boost Mobile and part of the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile, Boost Infinite is a postpaid wireless provider that uses existing mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) from those networks to make up a coverage map that stretches from coast-to-coast of the continental U.S., utilizing both 4G LTE and 5G speeds.

Boost Infinite offers just one plan, designed as a simple, affordable and unlimited option that doesn’t require any long-term contracts. For $25 a month, Boost Infinite will give you unlimited talk, text and data on their network, along with options for add-ons and other plan extras. You can buy a new phone through Boost Infinite or bring your own phone onto their plan (as long as it’s compatible).

Boost Mobile – Flexible and Affordable Options

Boost Mobile, on the other hand, still provides low-cost plan options but does so through a more traditional plan setup. Select from plans in 1, 3 or 12-month increments, and choose whether you’d want unlimited data or a monthly data allowance at a lower cost.

1-Month Plans

  • Unlimited (with AutoPay) – $25/month
  • Unlimited – $40/month
  • Unlimited Plus – $60/month

3-Month Plans

  • 5 GB – $45/3 months
  • Unlimited – $90/3 months

12-Month Plans

  • 1 GB – $100/year
  • 5 GB – $168/year
  • 15 GB – $240/year
  • Unlimited – $300/year

Promotional rates for new customers could shrink the cost by up to 50% for your first month, so if you’re looking to save money above all then a 12-month plan could be the way to go. Plus – Boost Mobile doesn’t have traditional carrier contracts, and they also offer various plan add-ons, perks, international features and insurance options to let you customize your plan setup as you prefer.

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