Wireless Plan from Boost Infinite

Boost Infinite 5G Wireless Phone Plan

There’s a new wireless carrier here from DISH, the company that’s most well-known for its satellite TV and internet plans. But DISH is here now with wireless offerings through Boost Infinite, and it’s looking to hit the ground running.

With Boost Infinite you can get unlimited data as well as unlimited talk and text on a 5G network. There’s also optional add-ons, brand new phones you can buy through Boost, and this unlimited plan is available starting at just $25 a month, and there’s no worries about hidden charges or activation fees.

Breaking Down the Details

Foregoing the multiple plan options often favored through wireless carriers, Boost Infinite offers just one plan – Boost Infinite Unlimited. But this plan comes with unlimited talk, text and data on Boost Infinite’s 5G network and is available for just $25 per month for members who remain active on a Boost Infinite plan.

You’ll be able to add up to 5 lines per account (also only $25 each), to expand your plan to include family, friends or loved ones. And although your monthly data is unlimited, it may be subject to lower speeds once you exceed the high data ceiling of 30 GB within a given month.

However you can stay on top of your monthly data usage with the Boost Infinite app, available on iOS and Android. Just tap on the ‘My Usage’ option to see how much data you’ve gone through so far within a billing cycle. Boost Infinite also offers optional Add-Ons to expand your monthly data threshold, in case you’re regularly exceeding the 30 GB level.

Add-Ons for Your Boost Wireless Plan

Boost Infinite’s range of optional Add-Ons makes Boost Infinite Unlimited an even more enticing and flexible wireless option. You can customize your plan so it suits your needs and your budget, and each Add-On costs just $5 per month to fold into your existing plan.

Data Hotspot enables hotspot functionality, so you can turn your wireless data into a Wi-Fi network to connect other devices to. Speed Pass adds 20 GB of monthly data for you to use before any slowdown may occur, bringing your total monthly high-speed data to 50 GB.

There are also some Add-Ons specifically for travelers, expanding your talk, text and data to other countries. North America Connect lets you bring your unlimited talk and text as well as a limited amount of data across the continent including Mexico and Canada. And International Connect allows you to have unlimited talk and texting to over 200 global locations.

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