Boost Infinite Unlimited 5G Wireless

Boost Infinite 5G Network

Boost Infinite is the new wireless service from DISH Wireless, and they’re here to offer unlimited wireless on one of America’s fastest 5G networks. Their single-plan setup aims to be simple, affordable and reliable, utilizing coast-to-coast 5G networking.

For $25/month, Boost is offering unlimited data, talk and text on a 5G network that’s brought to you by industry veteran DISH Wireless. You can also buy a brand new phone through Boost or bring your own compatible device.

Unlimited Phone Plan from Boost Infinite

Boost Infinite is aiming to keep things straightforward with the Boost Infinite Unlimited plan – a single affordable phone plan that starts at just $25 per month. That price gives you unlimited data (with a 30 GB threshold), as well as unlimited talk and text – all on a nationwide 5G network. You can also have up to 5 lines for adding family or friends on.

They’re also providing options for a variety of Add-Ons you can include with your wireless plan for $5 extra per month each. You can add Data Hotspot to use up to 30 GB of data as a wireless hotspot, Speed Pass to increase your monthly data threshold, North America Connect if you plan on traveling to Mexico or Canada, and International Connect for global travel.

Get a New Phone or Keep Your Own

With Boost Infinite, you can select from a variety of the newest and greatest smartphones available from companies like Samsung, Motorola and more. Flagships, foldables and stylus phones are among the options Boost has available. And if you want to protect your new phone, Phone Protection through Boost is available for $7 a month.

If you’re happy with the phone you already have, you can also bring your current device onto a new plan from Boost Infinite. You must first confirm compatability (most GSM phones that are unlocked will work) and then you’ll be set to bring your device onto a Boost Infinite Unlimited plan.

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